Earn seven figures spreading your wisdom

Today people want results, not information. 
Better yet, they want guaranteed results.
As someone that's started some 93 businesses
of his own, eight to seven figures and beyond, 
Tom loves to inspire entrepreneurs to get
results sharing insights from his
wins and losses along the way. 

If you want to do good and make money
at the same time, consider Tom for your next event,
podcast, TV, Radio or print interview.

Tom's been interviewed in hundreds of radio, tv, podcasts, and print including:

Tired of the same old same old speakers?
Invite Tom in and he'll bring fun and controversy!  

Tom Matzen's vision is to empower entrepreneurs to be the greatest force for good they can be.

As an international best-selling author and seminar presenter he has been able to share his message of business success & failure to more than 175,000 people on 4 continents. He has been interviewed in Success Mag, Inc Mag, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and literally 100's of radio & TV Stations across North America, sharing the secrets of business success, learned from his business ventures and from his personal interviews with some 287 business leaders. 

More importantly, his personal coaching clients have generated more than one hundred seventy-five million in sales in dozens of industries. 

Entrepreneurs hire Tom to build seven and eight figure authority businesses for them fast,  because most are so busy wearing all their hats, doing things they don’t love.

Bottom line, the Authority does what they’re great at, Tom and his team do the rest and guarantee them a million dollar income within two years.

As a speaker he's fun, engaging and filled with real-world stories of success and failure. 

Tom's Media One Sheet:

Here's a recent presentation Tom gave on how to
quickly reduce chaos & frustration in your business

Tom loves multi speaker events.
Have him help you crush your next event.

Want to see Tom pitch
Grant Cardone's Team at 10X Incubator?

And yes, they said yes.
We're now working with them on a global marketplace.

Client & Strategic Partner Testimonials

He's The Real Deal

Tom is someone I've known for quite a long time. He's been in the game of entrepreneurship for 37 years, he's had 80 plus businesses. He's made millions, he's lost millions, and he's made them again.

So he really comes from the school of hard knocks, he's the real deal. He's worked with Jay Abraham and I on different activities that we had in the past.

Rich Schefren

Owner, Strategic Profits
Widely recognized as an Internet marketing pioneer and one of the world’s top experts on online business strategy.


Strategic Thinker

Tom is a strategic thinker and savvy entrepreneur, but also someone whose first priority is to deliver value to those around him. That's why he's able to help his clients scale their business in ways they never imagined. Because of those results, and because I truly resonate with Tom's approach and values, it's a pleasure to recommend his programs and services.

Cloris Kylie

Bestselling Author of 
Beyond Influencer Marketing


Master Teacher

Tom is a master teacher and mentor when it comes to teaching business leaders the art of creating joint ventures. His simple strategies work and have been proven to create multi million dollar ventures where none existed before.

Timothy Chin

Chief Executive Officer at
Prime Marketing Services


Godfather of Coaching

Tom is truly a master in Business Coaching. I have been mentored and coached by some of the best in the industry. That is why I am so good at what I do. That being said, there is no one that even comes close to Tom. 

He is like the godfather of Coaching and I am not ashamed to say it. I would be more ashamed to NOT say it. God bless you Tom for all you are doing to change the face of on and offline business. You bring a universal intelligence, integrity, and insight that is unmatched! Love you, DrFaye

Dr. Faye Wilson

Professional Speaker & Life Coach


Joint Ventures & Summits Master

There are people who talk about joint ventures and summits, and people who are masters in it. And Tom Matzen definitely belongs to the highest calibers in this business. 

His tremendous experiences, knowledge, and connections are most valuable. Why do I know it? I experienced it. 

And so should you.

Mark J. Mueller

CEO/Founder at
Profitland.Network LLC


Tons of Experience and Talent

I'm a combat veteran and Harvard MBA. I'm also very grateful I met Tom. He's an open book with tons of experience and talent. Tom and his group of dedicated entrepreneurs made it clear that service and impact are at the top of their priorities, plus they guarantee results and income every step of the way. 

They also share what you need to succeed if you want to do it yourself.  Tom's 3-hour master class offered me the tools to take me from being the best kept secret to an in-demand authority earning income. When I first transitioned out of the military, I wish I'd met Tom and his team. I'd have saved tons of time, aggravation, and $1000s down the drain, stuck on tactics that missed the strategies to achieve desired results. If you want to build a business that helps more people with your expertise, Tom's team is an amazing investment with a triple guarantee.

Deb Lewis, Colonel USA Ret.

Founder Mentally Tough Women 


Honored to have been voted Best Talk at Summit Talks,
with 120 Speakers from across the globe.

Summit Talks Best Talk - Tom Matzen
Summit Talks

Eight Ways Tom Can Help You
and Your Tribe

Speak To Sell

Want an entertaining, inspirational speaker that always over-delivers for your audience (and converts strong)? Consider Tom as a speak to sell speaker at your next live event. Six or seven figures in results, every time.

Keynote Speaker

Don't have a stage with an offer? Tom can inspire, educate and entertain your tribe, and still get them to take action to make more impact in the world. 

Speak at Your Online Summit

Tom loves online Summits. If you want a team player, with actionable advice, invite Tom for your next Summit.

Interview on Your Podcast

Dozens of podcasters love Tom and his high energy, humorous on-air presence. Let Tom share his wisdom and knowledge from starting some 82 of his own businesses, and making (and losing) millions along the way. This is street-smart advice, and it shows.

Interview on Your TV or Radio Show

Hundreds of radio, print and TV shows later, Tom is a pro. Respectful of your time, eager to "light up the phones" with controversy, his passion and enthusiasm is contagious.

Participate in Your Gift Giveaway

This simple way to contribute typically lands us in the top five of all gift giveaways. Reach out to see why you want us in your next giveaway!

Learn in Our Workshops

Tom specializes in deep-dive four hour Workshops. No fluff, no infomercial disguised as training. Webinars don't cut it any more. Workshops, done right, rock.

Hire Tom One On One

Want to speed up your impact? Want instant impact? Consider hiring Tom one-on-one. $2,500 USD per hour, four hour minimum. Six figure impact guaranteed.


If you have wisdom and knowledge and want to get paid to share that wisdom with those that can benefit, ask yourself are you ready to step up and claim your calling?

Tom Matzen

Chief Movement Maker

Listen to some of Tom's Podcast Interviews

 Building Your Brand and Global Movement' Podcast
Tom Matzen: Be The Best Entrepreneu You Can Be

Tom mission is to
do good and make money
at the same time.

Reach out and let's chat about how Tom can help you reach and exceed your goals at your next live event, on-line Summit, podcast or media event.

Learn more about Tom's latest ventures at:

 www.LinksGolfCafe.com   www.RavingFansForLife.com  www.ResidualIncomeAcademy.org

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